1. What consist the house building process?


To start the process, the client is supposed to provide property certificate, urban plan extract and geodetic report executed by licensed geodetic company. These documents will provide us the essential information to start the design process. Afterwards architectural program is created that defines client’s requirements about the space, function, capacity, constructive system, and other infrastructure and Build- in systems.

Further we execute Preliminary project or Architectural project containing all necessary coordinated projects. If the building is larger than 300m2, it is needed Revision project to be executed by licensed company. It is also obligatory Revision of seismic design parameters to be provided by the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology. Then we submit request for building consent via the municipality online system. Using the technical parameters included in the Architectural project, the Client can ask for quotes from building companies. In order for construction of a building to be started, it is necessary a supervision engineer to be engaged to control the quality of the construction process.



2. What does an Architectural project contain?


Architectural project contains few coordinated projects: Architectural design, Construction project, Electrical installations, Mechanical installations, Plumbing and drainage. Additionally depending of the size of the building the following is also needed: Fire safety project, Energy efficiency project, Environmental protection project, Road improvement and traffic safety project and Geomechanical properties reports.



3. How much does an Architectural project cost?


The price of the Architectural projects depends on the type of the building, area, time needed for execution and total investment cost.



4. How long does the designing process take?


The designing process depends on the size and complexity of the building, usually between 1-3 months.



5.How much does an interior design project for an apartment cost?


The price for the project is approximately 10%-15% of the investment cost.



6. What does an interior design project contain?


The interior design project contains: taking architectural measurements of the space, creating technical drawings (floor plan layouts, sections, parallel projection, furniture specification), creating bill of quantities, 3D model and 3D visualization.



7. What does house or apartment reconstruction/renovation include?


When reconstructing/renovating old buildings, we tend to fulfill clients needs, as long as it doesn’t threaten the stability of the building. If the building needs to be more energy efficient, it is required to repair the facade, the roof and replace the windows. When it comes to the interior, there is often a need of new flooring, partition walls, ceilings, new electrical and plumbing installation, new sanitary ware, windows and doors, tiles and wall painting. The scope is arranged with the client, depending on his deadline and budget.



8. Why do I need supervision engineer architect on site?


The supervision engineer is licensed professional. He is obligated to control the building, to monitor if it is it built according to the project, to verify the quantities and quality of the used materials and guard client’s interests.

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